I am Laura Kay, the founder and driving force behind The Holistic Salon Spa with over 40 years experience.

Our unique and fresh approach to business and wellness honors our surrounding community’s. We honor space for personal and professional evolution. We continue to bring awareness and authenticity to help empower and motivate self healing inside and out for both practitioner and guest alike.


We are a women owned company aligned to serve together for the highest good honoring our souls calling, with the intent to merge the beauty and wellness worlds together to provide a space of clam, craft, cleansing together.


the story

I first I will listen, consult and will be devoting myself to you in service through my career in natural and organic salon and spa services, by bringing to you my product partnership choices it reflects a bias towards the natural, organic, and cruelty free as well as the cleanest quality products that are available. I love to give back to the community I created my programs for nurturing you from the inside out. I have led a winding journey filled with education, life experiences, research and study that has led my path to its core,

My very own Body Nurturing Salon Spa IN Style is a business inside of The Holistic Salon Spa, Beauty & Holistic. Wellness Collective is about helping others obtain peace of mind and joy of the heart for the peace of mind you will have with products and services. I am passionate about sharing new ways to incorporate healthier choices into your health and beauty routine. I provide high quality organic and natural salon and spa services, Ayurvedic treatments along with detox and cleansing with infrared therapy, sweating is the body natural way to heal and stay healthy, I supported offer coaching for the whole body in a holistic way from head to toe. I truly believe that what you put on your hair and skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth. Equally important is supporting your path to wellness sustainable beauty and confidence. I feel honored and inspired daily by my clients as it is a blessing when you have the trust of a client who is putting their skin and hair from head to toes in my hands.

"Through true knowledge of personal awareness health and beauty I have created a space of healing for all."

As a mother of two, I identify with the struggles of body image across all age groups. No matter how old we are, looking in the mirror can sometimes be stressful when we're not satisfied with our reflection. My holistic approach to salon, spa and style services harmonize the mind, body and spirit. Body Nurturing Salon Spa Style services are rooted in Ayurvedic, organic and natural principles. Committing yourself to these services on a regular basis will lead to a new perspective and a balanced lifestyle. In addition to my organic and natural services, I carry organic and natural hair and skin care products that are clean and free of toxins that you may purchase for home use

My Journey to My Heart

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About Personal Style Consulting

I love what I do and feel so lucky to get to bridge the worlds of style and nature together. Through true knowledge of personal awareness and ‘out picturing’ through dressing and projecting spiritually, emotionally and mentally your desires for the future, What is personal color analysis? It is the scientific process that helps in determine the colors that make your appearance the absolute best it can be. You look healthier and younger, all while protecting the environmental health of our planet.

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About the Salon Spa

Fall in love with the intimate charm of the Holistic Salon Spa Wellness studio, Coming November  2023 to Pismo Beach California on the Central Coast. The salon spa wellness is a serene, toxin-free environment; the perfect alternative for those with chemical sensitivities or those committed to the natural and organic lifestyle. Relaxation begins even before you walk through the doors, relaxing and serene unlike most salons the entire experience is catered to just you; I focuses on one guest at a time, and have strict cleaning standards for safety, air purifier and UV light for maximum air quality cleanliness. With no wait lines or noisy conversation. 

The Holistic salon spa IN style is Coming September 2023 to the Central Coast of Califorina Pismo Beach 

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Walk into our clean air space and experience our vibe.

The Holistic Salon SPA is a Natural vibe, on the Central Coast serving Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach,Avila, 5 Cities San Luis Obispo, in California.

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Welcome to Holistic Salon Spa serving the holistic community. Supporting and building community around health and wellness





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