Rediscover your Sense of Self by discovering your Sense of Style! 

Style Consultation Transformational

Trained with and worked with Bobbie Carroll San Francisco Califorina ( In Your Element ) and Certified and trained with Carla Mathis ( The style core ) Los Angeles & San Francisco 

Style is beyond the clothes you wear and the home you have created. Your wardrobe is a representation of who you are. Color is the visible difference in your appearance. Balancing is the peace it brings us. By honoring our personal values, we develop a harmonious connection to the mind,body, soul, and reflecting your inner spirit outwardly to the world. Feeling confident where ever you are in the park walking waiting in line for pick up or a boardroom or in the bedroom.

With over a decade of experience and certified in Color and Image consulting. One of my singular focuses is teaching Men Women Teens how to show up authentically. Teaching balance in the home from closet organizer to Plant stylist. Very passionate …Specializing in customized balancing haircuts and style.  

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Color doesn’t just apply to your appearance, it also applies to our environment too. Image the experince of decorating your home or office in colors that inspire you or relax you. Color that put you at ease, promote mental clarity and focus. Colors that are literally an extension of you. Surround yourself in your colors, and you will feel the difference.

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Laura will design a package custom-tailored to your needs. Six months of personal coaching — two-hour sessions, twice a month — in person or via Skype

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Walk into our clean air space and experience our vibe.

The Holistic Salon SPA is a Natural vibe, on the Central Coast serving Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach,Avila, 5 Cities San Luis Obispo, in California.

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Welcome to Holistic Salon Spa serving the holistic community. Supporting and building community around health and wellness





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