Calura + Demi-Permanent Color

Experience the innovation and excellence of the award-winning Calura + Demi-Permanent Color, a hair color system that redefines beauty while prioritizing your hair’s health and safety. With Calura, you’ll enjoy a transformation that’s free from ammonia, PPD, and enriched with exothermic technology.

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Introducing Permanent Shine Hair Colour Calura + Demi-Permanent Color: Elevate Your Hair Color Experience

Exothermic Technology: The heart of Calura’s innovation lies in its exothermic technology. Each shade is formulated to generate a specific increase in temperature, which is precisely calibrated to achieve your desired results. This controlled temperature increase gently opens the hair cuticle, ensuring optimal dye penetration.

Nourishing Organic Essences: Calura goes beyond color by infusing certified organic essences and keratin into its unique formula. The heat generated by the exothermic system facilitates the thorough penetration of these nourishing ingredients, leaving your hair not only beautifully colored but also deeply nourished.

Unparalleled Radiance: The result of this innovative approach is unparalleled and radiant shine that sets you apart. Calura ensures that your hair shines with a brilliance that reflects your inner beauty.

Why Choose Calura + Demi-Permanent Color:

  • Ammonia and PPD-Free: Enjoy the transformation without the harsh chemicals, ensuring the health of your hair.
  • Exothermic Excellence: Calura’s controlled temperature increase optimizes dye penetration while minimizing damage.
  • Nourishing Ingredients: Infused with certified organic essences and keratin for deep hair nourishment.
  • Unmatched Shine: Experience the radiant shine that only Calura can provide.

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