Spring awaking, Why Spring detox?

October 9, 2023

Stuck at home on coronavirus lockdown? This is the time to take stock of your health and do a “ spring detox ” for your body, reducing the impact of the long winter. Spring’s first line of duty is to detox all of the excess fats and proteins and holiday foods we stored all winer. IT’S NATURES CLEANSING SEASON. Over time stored chemicals undermine our immunity, render us susceptible to disease, infection and premature aging. The Environmental Working’s Group reported on the amount of pesticides in our fruit and vegetables.  Celery (non-organic) was found to have 67 pesticides in it even after power washing. 

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has the 10 Ugly Truths Behind the Myth of Cosmetics Safety:

  1. Toxic chemicals are in our beauty products and in our bodies
  2. Small exposures can add up to harm
  3. The government should be protecting us, but it’s not.
  4. You can’t believe industry safety claims
  5. The $50 billion U.S. cosmetics industry routinely opposes laws that would protect consumers and the environment
  6. We have to protect ourselves until we convince the government to protect us.
  7. Two of the highest-concern cosmetics are marketed to African American women
  8. Even ingredients that are known to cause harm can be put into personal care products.
  9. Men are not immune to these problems
  10. The word “natural” on a product label doesn’t mean it’s safe- or natural

One third of personal care products contain at least one chemical linked to cancer, according to the skin deep report by Environmental Working Group, a partner in the campaign for safe cosmetics. This is the many “why’s” in Why Detox in the Spring. The need to detoxify the body regularly has become a prerequisite for optimal health. Fortunately, the body was designed to detoxify these toxins naturally. However, as we age and endure higher levels of stress, our detox and digestive systems weaken and a toxic world can be a threat.

Detoxifying these chemicals regularly is important, but it’s not enough. In order for this problem to go away, we must also restore the body’s natural detoxification pathways. John Douillard book Colorado Cleanse says, “If we only detox chemicals from fat stores into the blood stream, where do they go?” He says they are likely stored because the body’s natural detoxification system had already become inefficient. Just doing a detox may only relocate these chemicals from one fat cell to another. John talks about how this is not only futile but dangerous as the fat located in the brain and organs are vulnerable storage site for toxins. Without the ability to digest fats well, we lose the ability to make energy last, sleep through the night, recover from stress and detox dangerous cancer causing chemicals and emotions.

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